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NJ tree marker #1
NJ tree marker #3
NJ tree break #1
NJ tree marker #2
NJ tree marker #4
NJ - unknown hand print
NJ tree breaker #2
NJ unknown hand scoop
NJ unknown hand print close up
NJ unknown hand scoop close up
Well here it is, the KILL! As you can see the right leg wedged into the "V" of the tree
A better look
You can see where part of tree was broken off to use for a marker
Another angle of kill
This is the back side, left leg is gone rib is cracked, guts on forest floor
Another angle
closeup of head
better look at holes from where rock hit it 4 times
Closeup of leg in tree, notice all the blood stains
uprooted tree used for marker found about 80 ft away.
This tree marker is the piece of the tree that was broken off the deer tree
This part of the marker from above, the sapling was pulled down , notice the scuff marks on the tree
This is the uprooted tree again from another angle
Snapped tree by the above fornation
intricate weaving at the above formation
Another angle of uprooted tree formation
twisted tree at same formation, This unknown creature was busy!
Tree marker found near opening to a field far from deerkill site
Same as above from different angle
Forest floor marker, very cool design
Same as above showing distance to kill, small white shirt in back is where kill is.
Lay of the land,almost dead center of hill beyond field is where it happened
The property
Straight out over front of camper
Where the hill slopes down, there is a creek in there and thats where the unknown creature started out calling from the nights after the kill. At least 3 were heard in that area. The camper in the foreground was also shaken and the person sleeping in it has yet to come back for his stuff.
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