Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sightings

Click on the Map to view the County's Sighting Reports listed in chronological order.

Listed in the counties are summaries of the original report submitted.  Reports filed with the PA Bigfoot Society are forwarded to the closest investigator to the area in attempt to make contact with the witness.  Due to various reasons, many reports can not be validated.  The reports where we are  unable to contact the witness are listed as unconfirmed reports. 

The Pa Bigfoot Society is in the process of updating this page with both recent and older reports received.  Due to the high number of reports received and yet to be posted, the process of updating this page is ongoing.  We appreciate your patience.  

Going forward, any new reports will be added to  as well as our new facebook page which is


Click on one of these links to be taken to the most recent reports from Pennsylvania.  Newly added reports will remain on these pages for a period of time and eventually added to the counties shown below. .

Below is a listing of historical reports by County. Click on the county to view a summary of those reports.

Witness names, and exact locations are being withheld due to privacy issues and further follow up investigations.

  Please continue to check back for more updates!

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