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The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society founded in 1998 by Steve Anderson and Henry Benton is a not for profit organization who's pro active volunteer members conduct,  year round Outings, Expeditions and Investigations into Bigfoot Sightings and reports in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas as reported to the organization through the website and various means.  

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society is a Non-Kill group.  Our members investigate submitted reports and conduct research into areas of reported activity and collect field data  and evidence through means of audio, video and photography.  We also attempt to collect physical evidence if possible.  Our group works closely with many members of the scientific community.   If you have seen, or had an encounter with a Sasquatch, please fill out our "Submit Report Form" and a member will contact you as soon as possible. All personal information collected through submitted reports and are held in strict confidentiality. Your personal information will not be released to the public.  We take each case seriously and will do our best to provide the the truth.  To read about reports submitted in Pennsylvania please visit our sightings reports section of the website.


This is the old Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society website.  Our new website can be found at www.pabigfootsociety.com

There are many great new sections to the new website including updated sighting reports, photos, audio recordings, videos, news and historical news articles and much more.  Check it out today!

We've even relaunched the PA Bigfoot Society forum.   The link for the new forum can also be found on the new website. 

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 Does Bigfoot exist in Pennsylvania? Enter our sight and you be the judge.


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