Bucks County Sightings


June 20, 2004 Chalfont: Four youths were walking in a wooded area behind a housing development. They claim they witnessed a 7 foot tall, 400 lb creature. Creature is covered in white hair and has red eyes. Creature runs off. They claim they find 15 inch footprint. Also claim to have heard vocalizations.

January 15, 2001 Wissahickon State Park: A witness was lying in his tent, was startled awake by ear-piercing shrieks. When he looked in the direction of the sounds, he saw a very large, almond colored creature. This creature was only about 25 yards away. There was also a very strange smell, almost skunk like, emanating from the creature. The creature acted like he didn't even notice the witness and eventually bolted away across the stream. It appeared to be almond colored, and at least 7 foot tall with a massive girth.

July 1977 close to Quakertown: A witness was camping with her father, when she went off on a trail alone. A she stopped at a dried up river bed, she saw a creature crouching, or possibly sitting along the river bank. It had 5 to 6 inches of beige or light brown hair covering its body. The creature never look at her, but slowly got up and move quietly away. When her father came back to the area of the sighting with her, a large depression was there at the area the creature was crouching or sitting at.

May 1976 Thiokal Property, Levittown: In the middle of town was a mile square area fenced in. It was in the area that the witnesses, who were hunting squirrels, had the encounter. The creature stood about 7 foot tall with 3 to 4 inches of reddish brown hair covering its body. It had a cross between a gorilla face and a human, but with big lips and a flattened nose. This area at the time was heavily guarded with armed guards and had a barbed wire fence surrounding it. Rumor had it that it was ran by the government. �

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