Cambria County Sightings

January 20, 2004 Ogletown: While driving on a back country road, a man witnesses creature cross in front of his car in three steps. The creature disappeared into a thick wooded area.

February, 2004 Windber: While driving on route 56, a woman claims she struck a 2 ½ foot tall hair covered creature with the body of a bear and face of a monkey. After turning around to return to the area, upon arriving, the creature was gone.

March 2000 : Four individuals witness a brown colored creature spying on them from behind a tree, while they are walking through the woods. . It stares at the group for a few seconds before running off at a high rate of speed.

1992 Between Altoona and Galitzin: A woman driving on route 22 after dark, witnesses a creature run across route 22 in front of her car, jump a guardrail and drop down an embankment. The creature was a smaller creature standing about 5 foot tall covered in dark colored hair.

1988 Elk State Forest, Sinnemahoning: Three campers were trying to find the road were they parked their vehicle. One of them found the road and was standing on it, when he looked into the woods and saw a shadowy creature following his two friends. He yelled to his friends, the creature then stopped and turned to look at the camper on the road. The camper on the road looked at his friends to see how they were doing and when he turned back to look at the creature it was gone. This sighting occurred in the daytime. There was only one creature, approximately 7 feet tall, and it was about 200 yards away from the camper on the road. The creature was dark in color, had arms to its knee area, with a round head. The camper couldn't make out any facial details. It appeared to have no neck and was walking with a loping manner, hunched over at the upper back. Submitted by: Paul Johnson. Courtesy website

1976, Ebinsburg: Children playing near Cambria County Fairgrounds witness a orange/brown colored creature from about 100 yards away. Creature was leaning against a tree. One boy shot at it with a pellet gun and the children fled to the safety of their grandmother’s home nearby.

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