Erie County Sightings


July 3, 2004, Fairview: A man riding his bike behind a housing project witnesses a white 3 foot tall creature running through the woods.

November, 2003 Presque Isle: A man witness large human like form swimming in Lake Erie.

March 2003 Edinboro: PBS/PRO members travel to area to investigate reports of unusual vocalization and the discovery of a large bone pile. Possible footprint found.

June 28, 1998: A 7 foot tall creature crossed a wooded path in front of hikers.

1998: 1 mile south of Lake Erie at 3:30am, a camp counselor saw a 7 1/2 foot creature cross the path in front of him and another camper. The other camper caught a glimpse of the creature a second time.

August 5th 1992: This sighting occurred late evening. Three male campers heard strange, high pitched vocalizations. In the flashlight beam, one of the campers saw the legs of a hairy, bi-pedal creature. The creature had 6 to 8 inches of long glistening black hair. One of the witnesses tried to take a picture with a flash camera. The flash apparently scared the creature because it ran uphill. It sounded as if the creature stood on a plateau above them and started screaming. It appeared as if another creature was screaming back at the first creature. The vocalizations were loud, high pitched, and drawn out. They tried to take another picture. Both attempts were unsuccessful, but they could see red eyes reflected by the flash. They witnesses climbed into their truck and from the truck they observed one bi-pedal creature cross in front of them where the campfire was.

Fall around dusk between Erie & Wesleyville The witness was sitting on a porch when he heard crashing in the woods beside him. He then noticed about 40 to 50 yards away a very large object moving rapidly through the woods. The creature was taking very long strides. It had very long arms that were swinging at its side. When the creature looked at the witness, the witness saw the creatures "GLOWING RED" eyes. It stood about 8 to 9 foot tall, appeared to have no neck or a very short neck like a gorilla. The next morning the witness and his parents check out the area that the creature was standing in and found some very large footprints in the soft wet dirt.



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