Greene County Sightings

Clarksville: March 13, 2007: 5:14pm: Witness saw an 8 ft tall, 600 to 700 lb, brownish red creature. He heard a weird screechy deep pitched howl and smelled something rotten.

September 29, 2004 Nemacolin: A group of individuals claim they sighted an 8 foot tall, 400 lb creature walking through the woods near Nemacolin. They also claim they discovered footprints and noticed a foul odor.

Summer (possibly August) 1987 11:00PM: State Game Lands, Jackson Township: A man and his son often go out looking for animals at night. On this night they were playing a tape of a rabbit in distress. This call usually attracts raccoons, foxes and deer. On this particular night they heard the brush rustling as if an animal was approaching. This was followed by a strange vocalization. The sound wasn't like a growl or a roar. This vocalization was a fairly loud, low pitched, and deep throated sound, as if it were echoing from deep within the chest. It actually sounded like something in agony. Whatever it was began breaking branches (the witnesses later examined the area and found some broken branches that were 3 to 6 inches thick and 5 to 6 feet off the ground). They shined their flashlights towards the area were the noises were coming from. The father saw 2 orange-red eyeballs set further apart then other animals. The creature had reddish-brown hair with a large hairy face, no nose, and no neck. The creatures' large head sat directly on its broad shoulders. They didn't notice an odor or look for footprints. The witnesses were looking down at the creature which was standing about 50 yards away, below in a meadow. It was difficult to estimate the height of the creature which was standing in some briars. The witnesses observed the creature for about 10 minutes. Submitted by: Paul Johnson. Courtesy website

1983 Fall (September or October): Jefferson: Some kids were playing hide and go seek in the woods when they heard strange noises. When they went to check out the sounds they saw a creature standing upright running away. At first they thought it was a bear, but since it was running upright they knew bears could not run that way.

1969: Summer: Greensboro along the Monongahela River: around 9:30pm: A kid was running through the woods and ran into a very hairy figure. It stood around 8 foot tall and was covered in long hair from head to toe with an unforgettable smell.

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