Lebanon County Sightings


September 14, 1985: Annville: The same witness as September 7th heard loud shrieks coming from a wooded hollow behind your house. Two weeks later, twelve large footprints were found in the area. The indentations were measured to be 18 inches long, but no other details were noticeable. Courtesy www.paresearchers.com website

September 7, 1985: Annville: A man and a woman sitting on a screened porch at 12:15 AM observed a tall, ape-like creature walking along a fence at a distance of about 75 feet. The man described the creature as having no neck and a head that came to a point on top. The creatures arms seemed unusually long and swung in unison with its stride. As the creature passed a dog pen, a german shepherd ran inside and became silent. Submitted by Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon. Courtesy www.paresearchers.com website


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