Mercer County Sightings


November 14, 2004, Grove City: A man claims he struck a Bigfoot while driving home from work late at night. Claims he has hair samples. Upon further investigation by PBS members, no evidence is found and witness refuses to consent to an interview.

November 17 and 18, 2003, New Castle: On November 17, a boy reported to the PBS that a group of boys reported to him a sighting of an 8 foot tall hair covered creature standing by the side of a road. The creature smelled like wet dog. On November 18, the same group of boys reported to the boy who reported to the PBS of a sighting of a 8 foot tall creature sitting on the side of the road. The creature smelled of wet dog. This report could possibly be a hoax due to the boys reporting it to another boy who told the group of boys he wanted to be a Bigfoot researcher. The PBS sent members to the area. The father of the boy, the boy and other neighbors were interviewed. No evidence was found.

1980’s Jefferson Twp: A woman riding her horse near the Shenango Valley Reservoir Township heard a scream/roar. The horse stopped, turned and bolted out of the woods. She immediately exited the woods.

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