Mifflin County Sightings


April 2nd or 3rd, 1991 4:00AM: Juniata River, near Harrisburg: This sighting occurred at a Steel Mill. The night watchman was at his job when he noticed a strange sulfur like odor. He then walked toward the river with his flashlight to check on the pipes. In the beam of the flashlight he saw the reddish eyes of a hairy creature standing in about 6 feet of water. This creature stood approximately 7 foot tall and was reddish brown in color. The night watchman stood mesmerized for about 30 seconds before the creature started moving towards him. The creature was agitated and animated. It shook its arms and hands, and was growling. The watchman started running away from the river. As he looked back the creature made a deep, low bellowing sound. Submitted by: Paul Johnson (Original report came from a researcher from a California Bigfoot Organization. The report was left on their 800 hotline #.) Courtesy www.paresearchers.com website

October 1988 Alfarata: A family taking a morning walk through the woods in front of their home. As they approached a dump, they suddenly saw a hairy creature walk out of the brush and onto the road. The creature was tall with broad shoulders and long arms. It was covered in brown hair or fur. The face was black and sloped at the forehead. It had a damp musky odor.

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