Potter County Sightings

June 28, 2002 near Crossfork: While standing on a pipeline, a man witnesses two creatures cross the pipeline. One creature stood between 7 to 8 foot tall covered in dark grayish brown hair. The smaller creature followed behind and stood about 3 foot tall covered in dark hair. Could see arms swinging as the creatures walked.
March 2000 Galeton: Two men camping hear strange cries and vocalizations.

January or early February of 1994. A group of snowmobilers were just finishing a break when they noticed two upright Bigfoot creatures. It appeared to be a male and female walking across a field away from the witnesses. The female creature fell and the male helped it up and the creatures walked out of site.

April 1970: On the first day of trout season, witness sees a dark colored figure standing in a field watching the fishermen at the creek. Creature did not move, but the witness could see the hair that covered the creature blowing in the breeze

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