Somerset County Sightings

June 26, 2001, Quemahoning Dam: Four people were camping and noticed a strong stench smell and had a feeling that something was watching them. They also heard thrashing around in the weeds and then a loud scream. One park ranger saw a bigfoot by itself along the bank and another park ranger was a family of them drinking water from the dam area. These sightings by the rangers were approximately two years beofre before the night the four campers had the bad smell around them

March 3, 2001 at 1:30am, West Salisbury: Three friends were walking along a road when they noticed something up in a tree. When they shined the light on the animal in the tree, it took off. They started to walk away and heard a deep growl. This growl did not sound like anything they had heard before. They kept walking and noticed something standing in the middle of the road. At that time they started sprinting towards the house. The creature followed them for awhile. It stood approximately 7 1/2 foot tall, had a greyish white tint to its hair/fur and walked with a hunched back.

May 1999, Glencoe: Man hears heavy footfalls in woods as he is fishing in a creek. No creature sighted.

July 1998: near rte 30 close to Jennerstown & Boswell: Two counselors and two campers at a wilderness camp were sitting along a dirt road when they heard a very loud scream. The two campers ran inside the cabin and the two counselors stayed outside shining their flashlights to see where the sound was coming from. They did not see anything. It sounded as if something was screaming in death. One of the counselors was a hunter but had never heard such a horrendous scream before. The screams came in intervals for about a 1/2 hour. A week later the same counselor heard screams again.

November 29, 1992 11PM: Somerset County: Two brothers and a friend were spotting deer. They saw some not too well-defined tracks with long strides in the dusting of the snow. The friends followed the tracks in the snow for about 3/4 of a mile. One of the men leaned against a tree in a clearing and a tall hairy "thing" brushed against his cheek. It didn't feel like a human touch and he fell to to ground, attracting another friends attention. The man was disoriented could not talk for awhile. They heard rustling noises, high-pitched screams and twigs breaking. The men only saw a shadow about 9 foot tall. Submitted by: Paul Johnson. Courtesy website

Early August 1989 7PM EST. Stonycreek Township: This sighting happened during the daytime on a clear day. The area surrounding the sighting was wooded and hilly. No odor was smelled and no vocal sounds were heard. A man, woman, and 2 youngsters were riding ATVs on a mountain ridge in Stonycreek Township several miles north of the Turnpike Tunnel. As they maneuvered along a power line right-of-way, a tall, hairy bi-pedal creature walked from the brush to the middle of the road where it abruptly stopped, turned, and stared at the astonished witnesses. The witnesses came to a halt about 500 feet away. According to the male witness the creature was about 7 1/2 feet tall and completely covered with long, light brown hair. He estimated that the hair was from six to eight inches long and very "straggly" which prevented him from viewing any facial details. Although standing on two legs, the creature was "bent over" slightly as if it had bad posture. The arms dangled down to the knees. The four witnesses sat on the ATVs with the engines running and stared at the strange, hairy figure for about 5 minutes. It just stood there motionlessly looking back at them. After about 5 minutes, the creature turned and ran into the brush. The witnesses finally drove past where the creature had stood, but they were unable to see any further signs of it. Submitted by: Paul Johnson. Courtesy website

May 20, 1989: 3 miles east of Jennerstown: Three men were fishing, when one of them went back to the car for something. He only saw the creature in profile, but it was at least 50% covered in long black or dark brown hair. The creature was about 7 foot tall and was walking upright on 2 legs. It seemed to be grunting and was walking very fast in a zig zag fashion. Courtesy website

First Saturday November 1984, Laurel Hill above the abandoned turnpike tunnel: The witness had a strong sense that something was watching him. He also noticed a strong smell that was a cross between a wet dog & bad body odor. The witness then noticed something out of the corner of his eye that was bigger than a bear and moved much faster, The witness did not look for footprints as it was getting dark fast. .

March 3, 1981: Kingwood: One of the witnesses from the November 22, 1980 report heard high pitched screams coming from the same area as the previous Kingwood sighting. Submitted by Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon. Courtesy website

November 1980: Kingwood: No creature was sighted but in the same area as the sighting on November 22nd, a farmer heard a powerful and eerie scream coming from below his chicken coop. Submitted by Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon. Courtesy website

November 22, 1980 10:45AM: Kingwood: Two brothers were hunting small game on a clear crisp day. The two hunters were tired and decided to go home. They had just left a field and were walking into the woods, when one brother remarked how strange it was that the woods was so quiet. He then looked through the woods into another field, a distance of approximately 250 yards, and pointed at a creature. He ask his brother what was that going across the field. The other brother could not see the creature until it went into the tree line and then he caught the movement of it. They sat down waiting to see it come through the woods. After about 10 minutes of not seeing the creature again they went home. Near this sighting are several mines. No odors were detected and no vocalizations were heard. Only one bi-pedal dirty brown colored creature was observed and the head looked as if was sitting directly on the shoulders. It had long arms and very powerful looking shoulders, arms and legs. It was taking large strides as it crossed the field into the woods. Submitted by: Paul Johnson Courtesy website

October 1980: Kingwood: During the daytime a man was walking about 300 yards from the opening of a mine, when he observed a 10 foot tall, hairy creature weighing about 600 pounds. The creature made a low guttural sound. As the creature came within 25 feet of the man, his dog cowered at his feet. The man ran to his car and vacated the area. Submitted by Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon. Courtesy website

Markleton: 1980: A male resident saw a tall, hairy creature standing in the shadows of his driveway. Submitted by Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon. Courtesy website

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